Buffet All Day

How to Set Up a Catering Buffet Table Like a Pro:

  1. Select Your Table (6ft is the standard buffet table length and will be easy to find tablecloths for)
  2. Select Your Colors (in this video we used Red, White, & Blue for a patriotic theme)
  3. Use your primary and most neutral color as your base tablecloth color; drape this cloth over your buffet table
  4. Create levels of depth by using phone books or cake boxes to create different display heights depending on how many platters you will have; this adds visual interest
  5. Use the “clouding” effect by scrunching your accent colors over the top of the table and your cake boxes; this adds texture
  6. Set out your platters and double check that spacing and flow makes sense (plates at the beginning, desserts at the end, etc.)
  7. Add theme decorations and accent pieces, as necessary (we used American flags in our display)
  8. Add food right before guests arrive into the dishes so that the food stays warm and fresh