Burnt Spaghetti

Sunday was the day My mother would always make an extra pound of Spaghetti so that on Monday she could  make her Burnt Spaghetti.

The Cast iron skillet was always on top of the stove because she used it for everything; Frying up the meatballs (in olive oil) sautéing the sausage and peppers, making the family frittata eggs, zucchini potatoes red bell peppers, and finally the LEFT OVER SPAGHETTI!

Heat your Cast Iron Skillet add a layer of olive oil, then throw in the Cold Spaghetti, you will hear it sizzle. 

Be patient, then with a metal spatula, scrape the bottom of the pan to loosen the burnt spaghetti. Give it at least 5 minutes.

My family loves our  spaghetti dry, no added sauce, but its up to you. So grab a jar of Marias Organic Pomodoro and add as much as you like. I suggest you try it dry first… live dangerously, indulge your taste buds!

 You can add some grated parmesan cheese and little chili flakes for spice. My sisters and brothers would fight over the most burnt strands of spaghetti. How do you like it?