Your party will be the talk of the neighborhood!

$25 per child includes:

  • Individual Kid’s Pizza
  • Caesar or Green Salad
  • Birthday Cupcake to Decorate
  • Paper Chef Hat
  • Apron
  • Balloon

Imagine a fun evening where all of your friends are in paper chef hats, aprons and throwing their own pizza dough up, up and away! We supply all of the freshest ingredients and wide array of toppings. You’ll have a ball with all those little Italian Chefs rolling their own pizza dough by hand. Then while the pizzas cook… Children learn the importance of cleanup & sanitation. (Yes, Maria is a mom, too!). And for the finale we bring out cupcakes and homemade frosting. Guests get to decorate their own cupcake! Because what’s a birthday party without cake? All ingredients are included along with our famous Hoboken pizza dough.

While the kids are entertained, parents can enjoy a glass of wine and a meal of their own!

Reservations required. On premises from 2 to 4 pm, minimum of 10 Children required. Restaurant event only. Please call for more information or to book your next Pizza Party!

$25.00 per child + $25.00 Party Cleanup Fee (for entire group)

2-2 ½ Hour Birthday Party

(10 Children Minimum)

Who says kids have all the fun?

Call to book a party at your favorite Maria’s Location!