Celebrating Your Grandchild’s Special Occasion with Graduation Catering in Los Angeles


Graduation is an important transition between childhood and adulthood, and it’s customary to mark such a special occasion in some way. When your grandchild graduates, you may want to celebrate with a graduation party for their friends and classmates, but it can be difficult to know where to start with the planning. Graduation catering in Los Angeles is big business for a reason. Should you have music? What kind of food should you serve? Where should you have it? A qualified caterer will be able to help you answer these questions, but how do you choose a good caterer? Here are some things to keep in mind while on the hunt for graduation catering in Los Angeles.

Experience Counts

Graduation catering in Los Angeles is a very competitive industry. New caterers are popping up all the time, and most of them don’t last very long at all. By selecting a catering company that has been in business for some time, the longer the better, you are giving yourself the best chance of choosing one that has consistently made their customers happy. A place like Maria’s Italian Kitchen, which has been in business in Los Angeles for almost 30 years, is probably still in business because they do a great job, and keep their customers happy.

Lots of Options

People don’t eat like they used to, and special diets or intolerance to certain types of food are becoming very common. If you invited more than four or five people, there is almost certainly going to be at least one guest with special dietary needs. Although they are few and far between, some caterers that provide graduation catering in Los Angeles are able to provide vegetarian options for those guests who do not eat meat. Even more rare is finding graduation catering, in Los Angeles or anywhere else, that can provide for those who are gluten intolerant. Maria’s Italian Kitchen is, again, an outstanding example of a caterer that provides vegetarian and gluten-free versions of a number of their menu items.

Upscale on a Budget

When your grandchild was younger he or she probably enjoyed pizza parties. To be fair they probably still do. Although sitting down to greasy pies out of a cardboard box would be inappropriate on this special day, that doesn’t mean pizza can’t be an option. There are plenty of upscale Italian restaurants that can provide a more refined version of the classic pizza party. The biggest problem with many of these restaurants is one of budget.

A graduation ceremony is important, and so is the graduation party, but you don’t want to spend your grandchild’s inheritance to throw them an upscale pizza party. This is why, when searching for graduation catering in Los Angeles, it’s important to know your budget ahead of time, and choose a caterer who can work within that budget.

Planning a graduation party for your grandchild can seem daunting at first, but by keeping the above issues in mind, the process can be simplified greatly.