Charity in our Community

Maria’s is dedicated to being your neighborhood Italian restaurant. We are an active part in every community that we serve. We have an ongoing approach to charity and community involvement.

The MIK Team at Shane's Inspiration's Annual Walk & Roll. Shane's Inspiration is one of the many organizations that Maria's supports.

The MIK Team at Shane’s Inspiration’s Annual Walk & Roll. Shane’s Inspiration is one of the many organizations that Maria’s supports.

We support our communities and their causes and efforts. Our donations have been given to education and schools, foundations, community centers, religious organizations, the arts, mental and physical disability groups, medical causes, animals, societal welfare, environmental causes and national parks and more.

These are just a few of the organizations and events that we supported in 2015:

This is just a small list of the charities, causes, organizations, and groups that we give to and serve alongside of. If you are interested in receiving a donation for your charity, please fill out this form.