Friendsgiving 2019

Friendsgiving meal at the beach

I am fascinated by this relatively new holiday that centers around—but not necessarily—Thanksgiving, and that the menu at this holiday is Thanksgiving-like. My son, Nicolas, hosted one with his friends from Fort Campbell, TN, because they will all be going home to their families for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Down the block from my home, there was a young group of friends who shared a meal right on the Beach. Everyone seems to have such a great time, so I ask, “Why are these so much fun?”

Friendsgiving Dinner prepared by Maria's grandson, Nicolas Reitzen.

Madelyn’s son and Maria’s grandson, Nicolas, hosted a friendsgiving feast with his friends from Fort Campbell, TN.

It might be that Friendsgiving is a holiday of choice and not by obligation. It’s a special meal with people you choose to be with—people you chose as your friends and that there are no real rules. You don’t have to have turkey. You can have roasted chicken or spiral cut ham.

What also makes it relaxed and easy is that the host does not have to prepare the entire meal. You can ask your friends to bring a specific dish, and if they can’t cook, they can always pick one up. My son chose to do all the cooking because he is the grandson of Maria and there is not a restaurant or store in his neighborhood where he can get side dishes like we make at home.

So, I thought, “Why don’t we offer some of our delicious side dishes to our customers who may be participating or hosting Friendsgiving or even a traditional Thanksgiving?” It’s the Feast without all the Fuss.

You can pick up trays of our Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Cauliflower or Grilled Broccoli, and Yummy Butternut Squash soup to keep the guests tied over before the meal.  Our trays serve 8–10 people. How about going “Real Italian” (like we do at our home because Christopher Columbus was Italian too) and serve Lasagna and Eggplant parmesan. Just a thought! CLICK Here to see everything you can order for your feast. ORDER EARLY!

Too much pumpkin for dessert?  How about a Handmade Apple Crumble pie, Molten Chocolate cake or Philadelphia Cream Cheese cake. Another option is to serve an assortment of bars: brownies, raspberry or lemon that are cut and ready to serve.

If you are going to entertain, make sure you serve delicious food made with love—just like we do at all of our Maria’s Italian Kitchens.

From the Maria’s Family and Friends—we wish you a Happy Feast!