An Italian Prepares Passover Meals

Homemade & Chocolate Covered

Why does an Italian Prepare Passover Meals?

I get asked all the time ‘why do you make Passover meals??’ and many are surprised by my answer.

It is because I celebrate Passover. I was raised by an Italian Catholic mother, I married a Jewish man and my son attended Jewish day school until he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. In my home we celebrate all holidays Easter and Passover with great food prepared with love… it’s that simple.Homemade & Chocolate Covered

In fact the most famous fresco “THE LAST SUPPER “painted by Leonardo da Vinci  depicts a Passover Seder and it resides ( actually it is painted on the wall ) in a church in Milan.

I am not alone in my Multi cultural attitude , especially when it comes to food.

Evan Kleiman wrote an essay in the LA Times titled,  Cross Cultural Cooking. And shared how she grew up in Jewish home but fell in love with Italy, the food and the people.. In fact she shares that she had been looking for a grandmother he whole life and “found her in kitchens all over Italy” In fact Evan sounds more like my mom when she speaks of Italian food than I do; they both share Passion and Soul to food culture.

Joyce Goldstein an award winning cookbook author and restaurateur of Square One in San Francisco wrote Cucina Ebraica and it was my go to cook books while my Son Nicolas was at Stephen S Wise school. I wanted to bring the most amazing dishes to those Pot luck lunches.. like RIssotto Con Melanzane (Eggplant) and Pollo Arrosto (roasted chicken)  and by the end of his term the parents were suggesting we just have Maddy from Maria’s cater the lunch…

So this weekend I will order My Passover meal from Marias Italian Kitchen.. the Brisket is a recipe I learned from Racelle Schaefer , a mom from pre school. Our Brisket is simmered for hours with onions carrots,  it is moist and the gravy has just a hint of sweetness. I serve it with creamy mashed potatoes,

Our Chicken Famiglia is my all time favorite comfort food. Roasted with herbs and smothered by onions Carrots and potatoes- the flavor of the chicken mixed with the vegetables is so delicious I usually ask for extra veggies…   Eggplant Caponata , diced up eggplant simmered with olives celery and onions in a homemade ketchup is the perfect vegetarian appetizer with Matzoh. Last by not least are our HOME MADE coconut macaroons dipped in Callebaut Belgium chocolate. They are so light that you want to eat more.