Lighten Up With Broccoli Limon


One of our favorite dishes when the weather starts to heat up is Maria’s infamous Broccoli Limon.


Broccoli often called “the world’s healthiest food” packs a serious health benefit punch. From lowering cholesterol, to cancer prevention, a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and source of calcium, there literally isn’t anything broccoli can’t do!

Maria’s serves our Broccoli Limon topped with roasted red peppers (300% of your required daily vitamin C) drizzled with our housemade lemon dressing for a zesty, summertime taste that few of our patrons can resist. Add a tall glass of sparkling water or a refreshing Chardonnay, and you have a light dish that’s perfect alone, or citrusy complement to any pasta or meat dish on the menu. Any way you incorporate it becomes a hearty, healthy dinner that’s nothing short of amore.

Have you tried the Broccoli Limon? How do you eat yours?