Looking for Catering Companies in Los Angeles?


There are any number of reasons you might need to hire one of the many catering companies Los Angeles has to offer. Perhaps you’re planning a wedding, or a reunion. Maybe you’re arranging a corporate event, or need to make an important meeting special. You might want to arrange breakfast or lunch catering for your office – in many business environments the most cost-effective option can be hiring catering companies. Los Angeles being one of the food capitals of the world, you’re then faced with the unenviable task of choosing one of the thousands of catering companies Los Angeles is home to.

In smaller or less metropolitan areas with fewer options, it can be relatively easy to choose catering companies. Los Angeles, though, provides a seemingly endless array of options which can make the choice a difficult one. Your selection criteria will likely depend on your reason for hiring a caterer — you’ll have different requirements for a wedding caterer than you would for a lunch caterer — but there are a number of issues that are equally important no matter what the occasion.

• Location
• Experience
• Flexibility and Options
• Customer Service


Location is extremely important for all catering companies. Los Angeles is a big city with some of the heaviest traffic in the country. The further your food has to travel from caterer to event, the less fresh it’s likely to be. The closer your caterer is, the happier you’re likely to be.
Ideally, you’ll want to look for multiple location catering companies. Los Angeles is home to a number of catering companies with several locations. The more locations your caterer has, the closer they’re likely to be to your event.


There are very few businesses that face stiffer competition than catering companies. Los Angeles is a particularly competitive market, which is something that you, as a customer, can take advantage of. Because of the stiff competition, only the best caterers survive their first year or two. The longer a caterer has been in business, the more confident you can be in the quality of their food and their service.

Flexibility and Options

If you’ve ever tried to order pizza for more than three people, you’ll know how difficult it is to make everybody happy. The more people that are involved, the more difficult it is. Once you start to consider all of the alternative dietary choices, intolerances, and food allergies, appeasing everybody starts to look more like impossible.

This is why it is extremely important not to choose one-size-fits-all catering companies. Los Angeles was one of the first cities in North America where people started to go vegetarian, vegan, and more recently to adopt gluten-free diets. Food allergies, in particular nut allergies, are also becoming both more common and more dangerous every year. It’s important to find a caterer who can accommodate the dietary choices and needs of your guests.

Customer Service

While the quality of the food is likely the most important aspect of your catering experience, the quality of the customer service they provide usually runs a very close second. Most people would gladly accept slightly inferior food from a caterer in exchange for phenomenal customer service. Before hiring a caterer, talk to their catering department and make sure they are going to treat you like a valued client, and not a disposal customer.

Out of the thousands of catering companies Los Angeles is home to, choosing the one that’s right for you can be a daunting task. No matter what your requirements, though, keeping these for factors in mind will help simplify your task.