This year more than ever we need to Celebrate Moms.

What I love is that Moms are resilient and just figure things out: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” was obviously coined a phrase for good reason. “Stay at Home Mom” has taken on a new meaning. In addition to the primary cook and caregiver, they have become the Teacher, Tutor, Mentor, Therapist, and at times, the mediator.

Then there are those Moms who continue their hard work out into the workplace. We appreciate those who work in the Hospitality, Grocery and Health Care industries along with all the entrepreneurs who run small local businesses and make each day special for their customers.

This is the first year my mother Maria is not with us to celebrate Mother’s Day. She was a rebel and would have broken every rule, and one thing is for sure…she would have been cooking up a storm. Simply put, cooking food was her way of showing her love and support to her dearest friends, family and customers.

So, in her memory, we have prepared some of her traditional dishes. For Brunch, a Vegetable Frittata and Brioche Bread pudding with Bananas and Chocolate chips. And because we would spend the entire day together we prepared Mother’s Day Dinner Specials as well. I hope you love the Jumbo Tortellacci and Crab Cakes; because I know I sure do. And for you loyalist, we are still serving our OLD
SCHOOL favorites.

After dinner our family would play Bingo for $1 per card….. those are wonderful memories. And it is our pleasure to provide you with some Comfort Food to honor Moms, and so you can create some fond memories of your own.

We wish everyone a Wonderful Mother’s Day filled with Love

With Gratitude
Maddy Alfano and the Maria’s Family