Reflection on the Northridge Earthquake 25 Years Ago

When the 1994 Northridge Earthquake hit it shook the earth AND  the Lives of everyone in our Community.

I was in the process of building our newest location; slated to open on my mother Marias birthday February 14 1994;  And that fourth location was WHERE ???

YES you guessed it  in NORTHRIDGE on Reseda and Nordhoff  just down the street from that tragic collapse of the apartment building;    Our Woodland Hills location burned down to the ground due to a gas leak; Our Sherman Oaks location was damaged; Our Encino location was without water pressure:  So what did Marias Italian Kitchen do ??


WE give back to our Community:  WE asked that all of our team members come to work without worrying about clean pressed uniforms, I brought all of the 5 gallon water bottles from my home and central kitchen (back up for emergencies ) there were 20 in all;   WE closed down the Sherman Oaks location and Set up Food lines at Hazeltine Park; All of our teams asked to Volunteer their time but we insisted on paying them for they were hurting too; WE donated all of the Food to our hungry neighbors;

This was before Social Media and Smart Phones: so the public did not know of this

WE did it from our Heart  And you may be wondering why I am sharing this NOW

It is because the memory of that Day was not Sad for me… It makes me PROUD that after 40 years in business we still love our community and live our culture;

So please Be kind to your neighbors even when there is not a Tragedy !!