“Thank You” To All Moms!

Madelyn & Maria in the kitchen. Thank you to all moms.

I want to send a Big Thank You to all of the Moms who are working today and those who love and support them.

Growing up in the Grocery Store and Italian Restaurant business meant that My Mom Maria and Dad Donald worked every holiday, in fact they worked every day because our little grocery store was open 7 days a week. On the weekends and all summer long, me, my brothers and sisters tagged along and learned a lot about what’s important in business; Taking care of the customers and making them feel welcomed and appreciated, just like a good friend. We learned to celebrate those Sunday Holidays either late at night when we got home or on Monday when my Uncle Mike could join us, because that was his day off.

I appreciate all of you who have taken the call to be in the Hospitality and Grocery store business and all the small local businesses who made today special for their customers. Please thank your families for understanding your dedication today and may all of you have a wonderful rest of the day!

With Gratitude
Maddy Alfano