A Time of Giving 2020

I learned very early on from my Mother Maria that when people are hurting they need some loving kindness. For our family that was always a tray of Home Made lasagna.
She would put on Italian music, and sing along while smiling as she prepared the meat sauce, cooked the pasta, and whipped up the Ricotta and mozzarella, layering each delicious ingredient into a Pyrex dish.
Today we carry on Maria’s tradition and have hope that our community will help us continue to provide a warm cozy meal that will help families feel that love.
We chose three local organizations to help families in need right in our own neighborhoods.


Many years ago, I was honored by Haven Hills for Women who make a difference. It was a humbling and eye-opening experience to learn about the families who experience domestic violence, and this organization that supports them. I believed then that it was the moms who had the courage to find a better life for their children that were truly the “women who make a difference.”
During this pandemic, Domestic Violence is on the rise and that is why we chose: Haven Hills

Their Mission:
Haven Hills provides safety, shelter, and support to all survivors of domestic violence while working to break the cycle of abuse. We save lives, inspire change, and transform victims into empowered survivors. 
Their Vision:
We believe everyone deserves to live a life free of violence. Our vision is that all people will take personal responsibility to eradicate domestic violence in their own relationships, families, and the community at large. Domestic Violence will be replaced with equality in relationships and mutual respect.

Thank you for your support of Haven Hills 

INCLUSION MATTERS (formerly known as Shane’s Inspiration)

My son Max was born developmentally delayed and passed away at the age of 12 in 2000. I wanted to continue to help parents of disabled children, and I found Inclusion Matters (formerly Shane’s Inspiration) because it is hard when you have a child that doesn’t look or fit in with “normal kids”.  And now building Playgrounds that are fully accessible has become” a level playing field”…. All kids are included in the gift of Play.
During this pandemic and the STAY at HOME order, it has been difficult for many Families but especially hard for those who have children with Disabilities. Most Special services are not available, and parents struggle to maintain basic needs.
And that is why we chose Inclusion Matters.

Their Vision: Fostering a bias-free world for children with disabilities
Their Mission: Creating social inclusion for children with disabilities through inclusive playgrounds and educational programs that unite children of ALL abilities worldwide

Thank you for supporting Inclusion Matters 


Most people do not realize how many college students are Food Insecure (not enough money to feed themselves) and some are even homeless.
That is why I chose to partner with the Opportunity house. When I learned that my Tri Delta sorority offered the use of our House at my alma mater UCLA it was clear to me that we should partner with this organization
And that is why we chose LARB Opportunity House;

The Opportunity House, a 50-bed facility, will provide stability & support to resilient students in pursuit of their college degree. Students will experience a vibrant residential living and learning community that emphasizes interpersonal leadership, scholarship, & service to community. Our 24-hr live-in staff will provide a continuum of care for access to health and social services as well as guidance & direction informed by student development theory. Opportunity House students will have access to healthy & nutritious meals, & our staff & community partners will provide dynamic wrap-around support that includes: tutoring and academic mentorship, mental health and wellness, job training & career development, and financial literacy.

Thank you for supporting LA Room and Board Opportunity House

Madelyn Alfano
Maria’s Italian Kitchens