Tribute to the Greatest Generation on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, I pay tribute to the Greatest Generation and the American Red Cross.

My father in law was a quiet man who served in WWII; he landed on the beaches of Normandy the second day. There was bombing non-stop and as a result he lost most of his hearing. He never complained or blamed anyone for this. Recently, I learned he was even the recipient of the Purple Heart for his time there. Amidst these hardships, he helped free a concentration camp and handed his food rations out to the prisoners, although his sergeant reprimanded him, he felt it was the right thing to do.

When his father became severely ill back home in America, he tried to get leave but was turned down. Finally, it was the Red Cross that was able to get him the opportunity to come home. Him and his family were grateful for that.

Maria and her grandson, Nicolas.

Maria and her grandson, Lieutenant Nicolas.

Last week he passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was a proud American and lived a long time and our family wanted to give him the proper Military Burial. In doing so, we realized that we needed a DD-214 (his discharge papers.) My husband could not find them at first, so we called the Red Cross for assistance. They put us in touch with the VA, which said it could take over 3 weeks to get the document. We learned that we could go to the Federal Building to get the paperwork
over the counter. So if you have someone you love that has served our great country and deserves a proper Military burial, get the paperwork ahead of time. More than 70 years later, The Red Cross assisted our family again, both with tracking down the paperwork and also this time getting our son, Nicolas, home to pay honor to his Grandfather Sam.

So this Memorial Day, please take a moment to think about those who gave their lives to make ours better, their families who make sacrifices at home and the American Red Cross who supports our troops and their families around the world.

At Maria’s Italian Kitchen we honor those Veterans and active Military with one of our homemade entrée for free this weekend. Put away those MRE’s and come on in.



UPDATE: Maria’s is proud to have served over 155 Free Meals to our Vets and Military!


Here are a few organizations that Maria’s Italian Kitchen and its employees support in dedication to our military:

Team RWB

Operation Gratitude