Valentine’s Menu Testimonials

We were honored to help make your Valentine's Day successful and extra special!

We are so grateful for the kind words some of you chose to share with us.

♥We took home the special Valentines Dinner. When we got home we found out we were missing a main item. Called and spoke to the manager and he had the missing item delivered immediately! On top of the great service, the meal was delicious. Want to give a shout out to Maria’s in Encino!!

♥The valentine dinner was fabulous! It was quite nice to have the different courses. We took our time, letting each course heat as we ate the one before it. We did get a double order of potatoes instead of the broccoli. This is something I would definitely do again. Apple Pear salad with Gorgonzola cheese and candied walnuts, crab cakes, lobster ravioli in the shape of hearts, tender short ribs, mashed potatoes, and bread putting for dessert. Best thing of all is that I didn’t cook, there was no kitchen mess, and we actually had time to “linger” over dinner.

♥Valentines Meal was absolutely amazing. Great taste, packaging, and easy to follow reheating instructions. Should have ordered one each day that it was offered.

♥Prompt friendly service at the pick up counter and delicious food!


♥We ordered pick-up but nevertheless the staff was so friendly- you’d think I had known everyone for years! They were all so attentive and warm. Made me feel like a million bucks simply waiting to pick up my Valentines dinner!

♥Everything was well portioned, easy to reheat, and very tasty.

♥We ordered the Valentine’s Day dinner for two and it was spectacular. Easy to warm up and made a quarantine Valentine’s Day very special.

♥1. Easy to order over the phone 2. Order was filled perfectly 3. Order was ready on time 4. Food was delicious

♥Entire team is wonderful. Food is consistently delicious so high 5 to the cooks too!

♥We used to dine in at Maria's once a week. We take out and the food is consistently delicious. The Valentine's Day dinner was outstanding from start to finish. Wish we could get the short ribs more often. The heating instructions and packaging made everything so easy. Thank you for always having different food specials to try.


Thank You!