Why I Write Birthday Cards For Team Members

Why I Write Birthday Cards For Employees

When I had my first restaurant in 1985, I had 15 employees. Day in and day out, I spent more time with them than I did my own husband. That’s how we worked to build Maria’s into what is today: a local neighborhood place. I decided in those early days that I would write out a handwritten birthday card for each employee when their birthdays came around. I wanted to make sure each of them knew how special they were to me.

The first year was pretty easy. I wrote 15. Thirty-two years later, I still believe this is important. Now, when I sit down each month to write out birthday cards (about 50 a month), I smile and think about how many people Maria’s has touched. I am grateful for the opportunity to share in their lives.

So why do I continue to do it?

Because it makes me feel happy to make someone else happy.

Madelyn Alfano

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