10 Creative Ways To Use Rosemary Bread

Where Did Maria's Legendary Rosemary Bread Come From?

The History of Rosemary Bread

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

When I opened the first sit down Marias Italian Kitchen, a customer asked for bread. Only having a dozen Italian rolls for sandwiches, I thought of taking our pizza dough to make bread. I
simmered olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh rosemary and kosher salt together, then lathered the flavored oil on top of the pizza and baked till golden brown. I served the bread cut into pizza like wedges to our customers. They took one bite, smiled, and asked “What do you call this? It is delicious.” My response; “Rosemary Bread.”
Since its creation, endless baskets of our Rosemary Bread have been served at Maria’s Italian Kitchen as a delicious companion to our meals. 

10 Creative Ways To Use Maria's Rosemary Bread