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Real Italian Food For Every Feeling

As my mom said, Maria’s is an extension of our kitchen, and in our kitchen, food and love are always the same thing. Come and experience first-hand the love that my mom set on the table each and every day, complete with wonderful flavors, textures and aromas. No matter what the occasion, we have real Italian food for every feeling.
– Maddy Alfano.

Trending Dishes

Fresh Baked Pizza

Feeling Hangry? Of course you don’t have
to share your fresh-baked pizza topped
with yummy goodness.

Italian Chopped Salad

Feeling Fit? Our Italian Chopped Salad is bursting with flavor. Fresh chopped veggies and house marinated chickpeas make this salad a winner!

Chicken Parmesan

Feeling Chill? Cozy up to some crispy Parmesan Chicken topped with melted mozzarella and marinara.

How It All Began

Maria’s Italian Kitchen is one of those grand American success stories. It all began in the Italian quarter of Hoboken, New Jersey, where Maria Aflano grew up learning recipes for the real Italian food of Naples from her mother, Luisa. This home-grown education in the fundamentals of Napolitano sauces, soups, dressings, lasagna and other regional fare was put to delicious use in 1968 when the Alfano’s and their five young children moved to Los Angeles and bought a tiny grocery store called “Village Mart” in prestigious Brentwood Village and converted the one car garage into the first Maria’s Italian Kitchen. Today this legacy lives on, as Madelyn, daughter of Maria, leads her staff’s shared vision of producing the best Italian food this side of Hoboken. The result of her dedication to real Italian cooking; an intimate, neighborhood dining environment and warm friendly service is an 8-location culinary gem in Los Angeles called Maria’s Italian Kitchen.

Table Talk

What makes a kitchen a kitchen? Good recipes, great ingredients, and an outpouring feeling of love. At Maria’s, we have recipes that go way beyond food. Family recipes, recipes for success, and recipes for life. Table Talk is where you’ll find tried and true authentic recipes for some of the best Italian dishes straight from Maria’s and Maddy’s kitchen. It’s also where you can expect to find information on our quality, and often locally sourced ingredients. Our Table Talk section will also highlight our “recipes for success” such as ways we are giving back to our local communities and championing for growth and change to better ourselves and our neighborhoods.

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